A Quick and Simple Recipe for Key Lime or Lemon Pie

Are you planning a party and need a dessert quickly? If you can’t spend a lot of time making a dessert, then you may want to make a key lime or lemon pie. They can be made really quickly.

Here is a recipe that is easy to follow.

Making Key Lime or Lemon Pie

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This quick lemon and lime tart is perfect when you need a quick dessert for any formal or informal event. These cakes can be set in the fridge. They are also very easy to make and very tasty. They also look great on any table. You can make the pie in just two simple steps.  Then while it cools down in the fridge, you don’t have to pay any more attention to it. It has a soft and delicate citrus flavor and is the ideal recipe when we do not want to complicate ourselves in the kitchen. Cream, cream cheese, condensed milk, lemon, gelatine… simple ingredients for an express cake. And a biscuit base with butter to give a crunchy touch to our cake.

Quick and easy cake

The great thing about this cake is that you can vary the taste simply by changing the type of gelatin. It will also look great with a pineapple or red fruit flavor. A little bit of care in the decoration makes can improve the aesthetics considerably. The first thing that will impress your guests is the appearance of the pie, so you don’t want to overlook it. A few thin slices of lemon and lime will make it look even better. We can give it a different touch by adding mint or mint or a touch of gin and make a gin and tonic version. It is a super versatile cake and is easy and quick to make.


7 min. to make
Three to four fully chill
Total time to make it is four hours.
People 10
20 Maria cookies
50 g of butter
500 gr of whipping cream 35,1%mg
200 gr of cream cheese
200 g of condensed milk
Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 lime
2 sachets of lemon gelatin

How to make quick lemon and lime pie

Put the cookies in the thermomix glass. Crush for 10 seconds and set the speed at 5.2 Add the butter at room temperature and program 10 seconds and switch the speed to 5. Cover the base with a 24cm diameter mold and set it aside. Pour the cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, lemon and lime juice and gelatine into the glass. Beat for 20 seconds and set the speed to 4.4. Program the thermomix for 6 minutes and set the temperature at 80°. Then turn the speed down to 3. Pour the mixture gently into the mold with the biscuit base. Cool in the refrigerator until set. About 3-4 hours. Decorate with thin slices of lemon and lime.

That is all you need to do! I hope you enjoy your delicious key lime pie!

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