A Scrumptious Ham, Egg & Cheese Bread Recipe

Today we are going to make something salty and we are going to make an easy and delicious recipe of ham and cheese bread that we are sure you will like very much, especially because of the cut, which looks very nice, and cries out to be devoured without mercy with a nice glass of red wine or a very fresh cane… Don’t hesitate, do it without any consideration!

The original recipe is by my good friend Roberto Arizmendi, an architect from Caracas who, after living many years in Madrid and Cadiz, decided to return to his homeland, leaving me with a good repertoire of family recipes, including this delicious piece of stuffed bakery that I share with you today.

His recipe was for the famous Venezuelan ham bread, a typical bread of the Christmas season, but which I have reinterpreted by putting a filling with local ingredients and modifying the ingredients of the dough a little. For the filling we will use cheese and Serrano ham, raisins soaked in mistela and olives stuffed with roasted peppers.

For the ham and cheese bread:

10 g of fresh yeast
500 g common wheat flour
50 g sugar
8 g salt
84 g of beaten eggs
215 g of milk
75 g of butter in ointment
25 g melted butter
425 g of Serrano ham
300 g soft cheese slices
25 g grated dry cured cheese
85 g of raisins soaked in 125 ml of mistela
90 g of olives stuffed with roasted peppers
For the glow:

An egg
A spoonful of water
A spoonful of panela sugar
In a large bowl we crumble the fresh yeast into flour.
Make a hole in the flour and add the salt, sugar, beaten eggs and milk.
We prepare the dough

We work the dough until the ingredients are well mixed and a ball can be formed.
We pass the dough to the work table with the help of a scraper and continue working while adding the butter in ointment, little by little, until we obtain a homogeneous, smooth dough that does not leave any trace on the table.
We knead

Put the dough in a bowl, cover it with a linen cloth and let it leaven for about an hour and a half, or until it almost doubles in volume.
We prepare the ingredients of the filling to have them by hand and we make the shine, beating the egg with the water and the panela sugar.
We ferment

We put the dough on the counter and let it rest for 10 minutes before starting to work again.
Roll out the dough with a rolling pin until it forms a rectangle of approximately 30 centimetres by 60.
Spread the dough

Brush the entire interior with the 25 grams of melted butter, leaving the edges unspread.
Cover first with the slices of ham, then with the slices of cheese and sprinkle with grated cheese.
Brush the butter

Finally we put the raisins soaked in mistela, previously drained, and the olives.
We roll them up like a gypsy arm.
We stuff and roll up

We seal the edges and the joint of the roll by pinching. Place the bread on a baking tray covered with baking paper or silicone sheet and brush with the glitter.
Pinch the surface of the bread with a skewer, or with a fork, trying to follow a pattern as a design. Bake at 170º C. for approximately 45 minutes or until the surface is golden.
brush the gloss

Remove from the oven and let it rest on a grate until it hardens.
Before serving it, we cut it into slices or bring it to the table so that each one can be served as they wish.
we let it temper

Hardly anyone in your homes will resist a piece of this delicious ham and cheese bread. And you, we are sure that as it is an easy recipe, you will not hesitate a single moment to make it and put your hands in the dough.

Ham and cheese bread 1

Ham and cheese bread on a large GreenGate kitchen cloth

Some useful tips:

We recommend covering the bowl with a cloth moistened with hot water, or inside the oven, to do the leavening.
To put the raisins to soak in mistela or any other type of sweet wine, it is enough to put them with 125 ml of the wine to be used one night before making the bread.
If you do not find panela sugar you can grate panela, replace it with brown sugar or omit it, but the shine will not take that dark and shiny brown color.
The original ham bread is made with bacon, baked or cooked ham (you can use lacón), olives and raisins, so if you want to make your own version you are free to choose your own fillings.
It is not necessary to use flour or medium strength, the filling is the protagonist.

The dough can be worked in a kneading robot in the following way: put all the dry ingredients, beat them with the shovel at medium speed and gradually add the beaten milk with the eggs. Continue beating at the same speed until all the ingredients have been added. Add the butter little by little and continue beating at medium-high speed until the dough has completely come off the bowl and has an even, smooth texture.

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