A Short History on Wiccan Cooking

My friend Alexander at Greatest Magic Spells of the World recently shared a great post for new witches to try out. It merges the basics of cooking while practicing a diet dedicated to witchcraft. You should take a look at it if you are interested! You can find his post here.

The Evolution of Cooking Among Witches

In the past, witches used to cook their recipes in magic cauldrons, today some of them follow the tradition, others with our modern kitchens we also maintain the custom of using magic while we cook, without the need to use a lot of paraphernalia you can bring magic to your kitchen. Although before putting your hands in the dough, you must take into account a few aspects so that your kitchen has a magical atmosphere.

The kitchen is like a magical temple, and as such must be in order and clean, not only physically speaking also spiritually or environmentally, to do so we will light a candle to our god, goddess, entity or energy with which we identify, to bless our kitchen, also cooking with a candle nearby makes you feel the importance of what you’re doing. You can leave the candle lit while you are cooking to enhance the effect, remember to extinguish it with a candle extinguisher when you finish cooking.
Food should be as healthy as possible, if you have access to food that is organic, organic or without too many chemicals better. Try to use seasonal foods.
While preparing foods, thank them and when cooking them remember to visualize the intention with which you are doing it, surround yourself with positive thoughts and love, avoid cooking angry, sad or with negative thoughts. When the food is cooked, present it on the table in the same way, thinking of the intention with which it has been cooked and with positivism. Always remove food clockwise and use materials that also serve as protectors and do not interfere with the energy and properties of the food.

In the same way that the kitchen is tidy and clean, the table where we are going to serve the food has to be the same, in addition it can be decorated with flowers, candles… and give it a more special atmosphere.
Do not forget to give thanks for the food you eat, whether animal or vegetable, and if possible not distract your energy by watching TV or reading the newspaper, and enjoy good company or conversation with the people around you. This is a lesson that we picked up from the Native Americans, especially the Cherokee. They gave rituals of thanks after consuming an animal that they had killed. You should practice the same.