A Unique Tomato Sponge Cake Recipe

Tomato Air Cake
Today we are going to prepare a Tomato Air Sponge or also called Tomato Foam Sponge. Among the air biscuits, the tomato one is possibly the most famous.

Presentation of the Tomato Air Cake

The sponge cakes made with a foam siphon stand out for their sponginess and light texture.

It is very simple to make, you just have to pay special attention to the quantities to get the desired texture, in this recipe I put some standard quantities that you can vary if you want more or less tomato flavor, that the cake is more spongy or denser.

For this occasion we have used a concentrated tomato and basil jam, it is more similar to a paste than to a marmalade. Concentrated flavours are needed as the siphon technique tends to soften the flavours of the mixtures.

You can also use freeze-dried tomatoes or a good homemade tomato sauce that is well reduced and full of flavor.

To get a good tomato aerial cake you only have to take into account some small premises that have to be fulfilled:

The ingredient that provides the tomato flavour must have an intense flavour.
The egg is the element that we will use to give consistency to the foam, modifying the quantities we will obtain a spongy sponge cake or more consistent.
The flour has to be sifted when adding it to avoid lumps.
The mixture has to be very well crushed and passed through a fine mesh sieve when it is put in the siphon. This is IMPORTANT, otherwise the valve of the siphon could get blocked and it could be damaged.
If you follow all these guidelines you will get some great tomato cakes with foam siphon.

When eating them I recommend you let them cool down a bit, as with all good cakes it is better to let them rest a bit so that they finish cooking once they are taken out of the oven (in this case from the microwave).

This cake can be used to make little snacks, for example:

Tomato aerial cake with mozzarella foam.
Tuna Belly on Tomato Air Sponge.
Inverted morsel of bread with tomato and ham.
Or we have also used it as an accompaniment in some meat dishes:

Low-temperature chicken wing mix with tomato foam cake.
You can see other recipes for air biscuits in the post dedicated to them. How to make a biscuit with a foam siphon?

Step by step of “Tomato Air Cake”
Tomato Air Cake
Accompanying Dish
Kitchen Vegetables
Preparation time 15 minutes
Time of rest 90 minutes
30 grams Concentrated Tomato Marmalade You can use homemade tomato sauce or freeze-dried tomatoes
3 M-size eggs. About 200 grams
25 grams Flour
2 Siphon Loads
Salt and Pepper
Ingredients for the tomato cake
Sifting the Flour
Add all the ingredients in the blender glass and crush them well.
Put the mixture into the siphon using a fine mesh strainer to prevent lumps from entering the foam siphon
Add two charges to the siphon and shake well
Let it stand for at least 90 minutes in the refrigerator
Take a plastic cup and make 2 or 3 holes in the butt with a scissors or knife to evaporate the heat from the mixture
Fill the plastic cup half full with the siphon mixture.
Plastic cup with the tomato sponge cake mix
Cooking in the microwave. In a 900W microwave you will put about 45 – 50 seconds to get a spongy tomato cake. Each microwave has a different heating power and you will have to keep testing until you find the point you like best.
Put it on a rack to cool down, once it is cold remove it from the glass, let it finish cooling and you can use it for the preparation you want.

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