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Keep the fire burning

If you recall, during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I was wondering why we are building up anxiety, excitement, passion, sexual desire and so on and then comes Tuesday, the day after Valentine’s Day and we start to talk about business, office issues, financial problems, school events, but nothing about love, loving relationships, or planning for the next love-in-the-afternoon event.

I think it is important to “keep the fire burning” throughout the year. It takes so little time or effort, but the rewards are tremendous. All you need to do is carve out some time from your busy schedule and spend it with your mate. This can be as simple as setting up a “Table for 2” in your dining room with soft lights, flowers, a bottle of wine and a meal prepared in collaboration. You will not only keep the lines of communication open, but also delight in each other’s company as you prepare a meal together. Perhaps for extra effort, you could set the table with your good china and flatware and use fabric napkins to add a “touch of class.” You may place votive candles on the table and some taper candles nearby to enhance the romantic atmosphere. I recommend odorless so that you and your partner can fully enjoy the succulent aromas wafting up from your dinner plates. You know what they say, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Heating up the kitchen together can help to heat things up between you and your partner, as well. If it gets too hot, just open the bottle of wine while you both preparing the ingredients and begin to cook your meal for just the two of you (and if needed, you can have a second bottle at the table). Relish this time together in the kitchen, working side-by-side chopping veggies, measuring spices, inhaling the aromas and all the while sipping a glass of Pinot Noir – can it get any better?

Here are some suggestions for some great romantic dinner menu (which will always include my favorite item: chocolate)

If living in a cold climate:

1. Appetizer/Starter: French onion soup (Delicious)
2. Main entrée: Chicken and blue cheese pot pie (Delicious)
3. dessert: Salted caramel and chocolate profiteroles (Delicious)


1. Appetizer/Starter: Oysters with mignonette sauce (Delicious)
2. Main entrée: Crown roast of pork with apple chutney stuffing (Delicious)
3. dessert: Chocolate cheesecake (Delicious)

if living in a warm climate:

1. Appetizer/Starter: Roasted artichokes
2. Main entrée: Mixed grilled seafood (Saveur)
3. Dessert: Cream puff filled with Chantilly cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce (Popular Plates)


1. Appetizer/Starter: Goat cheese with olives, lemon and thyme
2. Main entrée: Capellini with salmon and lemon-dill sauce
3. Dessert: Lemon pound cake served with chocolate/orange gelato

And we came up with another great togetherness with food. How about breakfast in bed the morning after. I cannot thing about anything better than that for “keeping the flame alive” I know what I like for breakfast and I thought I am not alone in that area; but you can select any food that you and your partner will enjoy, just make sure to cover the blanket with something nice but washable. Once again you can prepare your favorite breakfast meal together, but this meal lends itself to be prepared by one person to threat the other.

Here are some suggestions for what to serve for breakfast in bed:

1. Freshly baked breakfast pastries, could be brioche, plain croissants, or muffins with home-made jam, or a sour cherry or blueberry scone with creme fraiche, a great Viennese coffee, and I could have a sparkling pomegranate cocktail.

2. Alternatively, I love chocolate/hazelnut waffles with fresh strawberries that were macerated in cognac, a champagne cocktail and my favorite Viennese coffee

3. A hearty (manly) breakfast could include a smoked salmon and avocado sandwich with tomato and feta salad or artichoke and leek fritatta with pan-fried southwestern hash and bloody mary

Thanks for visiting; if you would like to receive recepies for any of the dishes mentioned, please send me you e-mail address, and I will be delighted to mail it to you promptly.

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