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Getting Used to Low Carb Soups and Breads

Soups are often the appetizers of the meal. Soups are delicious, but they contain high amounts of carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain. It is also forbidden for people on a ketogenic diet. Fortunately, the companies that make the soups realized this and are now preparing to produce low-carb soups as well, which are ideal for completing a ketogenic diet.

The world is changing rapidly. As modern technology continues to advance, more and more people are being sucked into unhealthy diets. Most of the time, they tend to neglect their health, but this is an important part of life. Conversely, there are also a lot of people who are trying to lead healthy lives. Due to the increasing demand, more healthy foods are being released in the marketplace today. This includes low-carb soups.

Not only will low-carb soups make you lose weight, or maintain a balanced ketogenic diet, but they also encourage a healthier lifestyle. Many of them are now being served in restaurants and other food chains. There are also ready-to-eat varieties sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. For those who prefer to make their own soup, you will find the low-carb ingredients for soups.

On the other hand, there are low-carb soup recipes that can be found in books or on the Internet. This helps people have more reasons to eat healthy and start a ketogenic diet. The more resources, the better. People today are giving themselves numerous options for living a healthier life. Ideally, this should not be an excuse for not living a healthy life.

If you are tempted to try the delicious cream soup on the menu, why not join the ketogenic diet and low-carb soups? It’s going to be so much better for you.

Recipe for Low Carb Bread

Naan bread is a typical type of bread in Indian cuisine, made from wheat flour. In the homemade paleo version, always gluten-free, it was made with yucca starch. But with this ketogenic diet one has to make a living and find low-carb substitutes. Psyllium, my great ally, is key in this recipe to give elasticity to the dough and thus be able to get a quite showy naan bread and above all with very good taste.

I remind you that if you want to know where I usually buy some ingredients or the brand of them, for example, psyllium, I have a shopping list available to consult.

I usually accompany this Indian bread with a good dish of curry or some stir-fry with spices.

naan bread texture

Ingredients, for about 8 loaves

¾ cup coconut flour
2 tablespoons psyllium (ground)
½ tsp. yeast or propellant that you use
1/3 cup melted coconut oil
2 cups boiling water
cumin grains, highly recommended
Salt, optional

I always use meters that I got through Amazon, for cups and spoons, solids or liquids, this way I forget to use the scale.


We put the water to heat, in the microwave even if you have. And we melt the coconut oil, if we are in cold season you know that it solidifies.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. The coconut flour, psyllium, yeast and cumin grains. As well as the salt.

Add the hot water and the coconut oil. Mix with the help of a spatula or spoon and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Knead again with your hands, the consistency will be that of a spongy dough. Divide the dough and form small balls, between 6/8. Place each ball on a baking sheet and flatten it with the help of a board or plate. Our naan bread is almost ready.

The original recipe is to fry the bread in a pan with butter or more coconut / olive oil. But I have tried cooking the bread directly in the oven and I like the result better. Besides that it is much faster to cook a big batch of bread.

Finally we put the bread on the baking paper and a rack in the oven, preheated to 200grs. We cook it for 15 minutes.

naan bread in the oven

The dough is actually very good, even raw. I confess that it’s a vice to go around biting into it, so it doesn’t need much cooking. Just enough for the bread to swell, brown a little and lose moisture. If you have a fan option in the oven I recommend it.

If you have enough, which I doubt, you can keep the bread in the fridge or freeze it for another time.

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