Homemade Teriyaki Sauce with Brown Sugar

I went to a Japanese restaurant a couple of months ago and tasted the most delicious teriyaki sauce ever. I wanted to replicate the recipe. I wasn’t able to do it exactly the same, but found one that comes close.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own teriyaki sauce that could compete with the ones you have had in a restaurant.

Teriyaki sauce recipe you just have to try

Teriyaki sauce is the sauce used in the cooking technique of the same name, typical of Japanese cuisine, in which food is roasted, either in the oven or on the grill, in a sweet sauce marinade. However, the sauce is also used for other dishes, and although you can buy it ready-made, today we will see how to make homemade teriyaki sauce.

The word teriyaki is a composition of two words, on the one hand “teri”, which refers to the brightness that the sauce brings, and “yaki” which refers to the roast as a method of cooking. The traditional ingredients for this sauce are mirin, sugar, soy sauce, saké (although another alcohol can be used), and possibly a little ginger. It is then boiled to reduce it, and is ready for use.

For 1 unit
Soy sauce
75 ml
Rice vinegar
30 ml
Brown sugar 2 tablespoons
Chopped garlic cloves
Ground ginger two teaspoons
Corn starch one tablespoon
30 ml
Sesame oil (optional)
5 ml
How to make homemade teriyaki sauce
Difficulty: Easy
Total time
10 m
10 m
We are going to make a variant that is more like the commercial sauce, the one we find in the shops, which has a little garlic to give it more intensity and instead of reducing it we add a little corn starch as a thickener. Garlic is very unusual in Japanese cuisine, making this sauce more like Korean bulgogi sauce, which does have garlic in it.

I think you can imagine what it takes to get homemade teriyaki sauce. You put all the ingredients in a suitable container and blend them in a blender until you get a fine sauce. That’s it.

If you like it thicker, or if you’re really going to use it to make teriyaki style meat, then you’d better boil it to make it thinner, so it’s easier to paint the meat, but if it’s to accompany some noodles like the noodle, shrimp and vegetable wok with teriyaki sauce I made a while ago, then it’s not necessary.

When you whip it, you’ll also notice that it takes on a light cream color, but it’s only a small layer of foam. If you remove it with a fine sieve or spoon, you’ll find a dark sauce underneath that is similar in color to soy sauce.

How to make teriyaki sauce
What to serve with teriyaki sauce
The homemade teriyaki sauce is noticeably more intense and tasty than the one you can find in any store, perfect for both meat and wok vegetables and noodles. In addition, it is much cheaper than commercial sauce, since it is basically made from soy sauce, which costs considerably less than teriyaki sauce.

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