My Wiccan Friend’s Pate Recipe for New Witches

Pates are one of the favorite dishes of witches around the world. If you have started practiing Wicca, you should probably look into preparing one. Don’t worry, I came across one, courtesy of one of my Wiccan friends from Spain!

Friends Pate
This pâté recipe was kindly ceded
by my friend Jose, one of the editors over at Magia Blanca de Tierra.

– Parsley and green onion (to remove obstacles)
– Basil, (joy and encouragement)
– Mint (for cleaning and communication)
– Romero (removing emotional wounds and cleansing)
– Laurel (for prosperity, which is not only material)
– Oregano (brings joy and a lot of communication)
– Ricota, (a touch of Venus, favors friendship and Love)
– Oil, (the brightness of the Sun)

If you prefer more natural, step on the ricotta with a fork, but if you like it
the finest, beat it in the processor or blender.
Add the herbs and oil until the paste is at the point of your preference.
Season with salt to taste.

Riraililefay, cute little witch and friend,
also contributed this recipe for the “Kitchen of the Witch”

She says:
“In the kitchen of a witch, magist, sorceress, whatever you prefer, what matters besides the ingredients, is the way of preparation; my grandmother always said that cooking in a bad mood spoils everything… and wasn’t she right?

But…. I learned one thing: sometimes being discouraged or angry, preparing a delicious dish, and feeling the collection of aromas from the ingredients, can improve energy and mood, softening or disappearing with negative feelings… it depends on each person.

But if I’m in doubt, and if I’m sad, I don’t put my feet in the kitchen…or I end up breaking glasses, plates, and/or other things…it’s crazy what happens!

This Hot Dog recipe, I particularly like very much

– Hot dog bread
– Oregano (for prosperity)
– eggs
– Basil (for mental health)
– Red pepper (just a little) (for protection)
– Mayonnaise
– Rosemary (for purification)
– Catchup and mustard to taste.

What I think is most important in the case of the breads, which I like, is to let them rest in the cauldron before taking them to the table.

While the breads are resting, I fry the egg with oil, and mix it with small pieces of red pepper, a little rosemary, oregano and basil.

The important thing is the way the mixture is made, always clockwise and potentializing the herbs; to reach that goal I mix them in 3 pairs of nine times.

I cook the sausage together with a potato, to increase the intuition of whoever eats this petisco, because it is said that the potato has several eyes and sees everything.

After passing mayonnaise, I place the egg and herb paste, and the parsley, in the bread.
and I break it into nine pieces, as if they were mini hot dogs; this is to teach us how to share.

So that the eggs are united when they are chopped and also in the herbs, a little creamy cheese is used to spread”.