Paella with chorizo Recipe

Paella with chorizo is a variation of the traditional paella recipe and is used by chorizo lovers. If you belong to this group, you should know that this ingredient gives the paella, besides a redder tone, a more intense flavor.

In we want to show you all the variations that exist of this so rich dish and, although some Valencian people can get their hands on it, you have to take into account that there is no universal recipe for paella, it depends on the place you go.

If you want to enjoy this dish one hundred percent, you can accompany it with a dessert as tasty as homemade custard with almond milk or a fruit salad, if you prefer a lighter option.

600 grams of rice.
2 cloves of garlic.
125 gr. of peas.
1 red pepper
Olive oil.
1 spoonful of salt.
1 spoonful of colorant.
280 gr. of chorizo.
1 brick of chicken broth.

Recipe for the paella with chorizo
To start, pour a good squirt of oil into the paella and heat it on medium heat. While the oil heats up, chop up the chorizo that you are going to use, as well as the garlic and red pepper, and put it in the paella pan, so that it browns well.
On the other hand, we are going to prepare the broth. To do this, empty the brick of chicken broth into a pot and bring it to a boil. Add the salt and the coloring and let it cook there, stirring it a bit so that the ingredients are mixed.
If the paprika and the chorizo have already turned a bit more golden, add the rice and the peas so that it turns golden as well. Stir it well so that the rice mixes completely with the oil.
When the rice has been sautéed well in the oil, pour in the broth completely and set the fire to maximum power for five minutes.
Let it cook and when it starts to boil, add the saffron, if you want you can also add a spoonful of sweet paprika.
Let the rice cook for fifteen minutes over a medium heat and in the last three minutes lower it to the minimum.
When all the broth has been consumed, turn off the heat and cover the paella with aluminium foil. If you leave it to stand for five or ten minutes it will taste delicious.
Now it’s ready to eat. Enjoy!

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