Valentine’s Day is a time to relax and delight in your mate’s company while enjoying life’s simple pleasures. A gift that says “I’ve been thinking about you” will delightfully cap off any romantic dinner on the town or at the table for two at your home. We all know the usual suspects as “Send Flowers for your Valentine” (and I have nothing against flowers; on the contrary, but lets think beyond roses. My absolute favorite flowers are the hyacynths. Their fragrance can wake up a dead (if you know what I mean). Their vibrant colors are a delight to look at and enjoy. Place one as a center piece on your “table for two” and you will walk toward the bedroom, hand-in-hand before the dessert is served.

We also see the hundreds of advertisement for chocolates in heart shaped boxes. You know that I adore chocolates but I can certainly do without these commercial heart shaped boxes. You also know which chocolates are on the top of my list: and I would kiss anyone’s feet to send me a box of “Rouge Passion Chocolates” with the beautiful heart in the middle of the box. The combination of passion fruit ganache with salted butter caramel coulis will awaken and stimulate all your senses and will deliver you to a place from where you will never want to come back (but more on these in a later post).

Currently, we were seeking to identify gifts that will put a smile on your loved one’s face because it will show just how much you care by going “out of the box” to find a gift. Gifts that can create those special moment that you can both replay for years to come. For instance, what about a ….

Genuine Turkish Bathrobe, that helps to conserve body heat. You may try to wear one robe for the two of you (since it is generously sized) in order to generate body heat to its max. Not to mention the feeling of the luxurious, soft-touch cotton on your skins will certainly make you feel special.


It is imported by Hammacher Schlemmer, which means it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (although I do not think that you may want depart from it). If anything goes wrong with your purchase, you can either receive a full refund or obtain an exchange.

You sweetheart maybe delighted to receive a Pajamas Warming Pouch (particularly in these days of extreme winter weathers across the nation). I think you can heat up more than just your PJs with this gift which holds anything that fits its 19”L x 15½”W dimensions. It also folds to half its size for travel or convenient storage.

Like in real estate, where we always stress location, location, location, in preparing for an evening of romance, we always stress the importance of athmosphere, athmosphere athmosphere. Imagine filling your bedroom with soft, muted tones or deep, bold hues. with a lamp called “16 million Color Lamp.” With over 16 million different colors of accent light, this lamp is sure to help you set just the right ambience. The lamp sits at a 45º angle allowing color projection onto a wall. The wireless remote lets you scroll through the color spectrum and select varying degrees of saturation and intensity. It is definitely a gift for two – this lamp is sure to provide countless hours of pleasure. The way the colors of the lamp dancing off the wall is a real turn on

And now all you need is love and a Set of Blooming Tea for Two. While the Gardener’s Supply Company seems an unlikely place for a valentine treasure, their collection of personal gifts is worth a look. Tea lovers will go nuts for this exquisite silver needle white tea with hints of rose and citrus. Drop the “Heart of Love” tea ball into the pot and watch as it blooms into a beautiful flower while steeping into a fragrant tea. The pink rose surrounded by a bright orange lily is quite an exciting sight inside the 16-ounce hand-blown glass teapot. Sipping this aromatic tea is a wonderful way to warm up and get cozy with your lover this upcoming weekend of Valentine’s. The teapot comes with an infuser (for brewing loose teas) as well as 6 “Heart of Love” tea posies.

Scents has been used to enhance libido for centuries; scents can also evoke erotic feelings and even to heal a relationship. Aromatherapy has been used in the art of seduction and mentioned in the Kama Sutra. Cleopatra was known to have used a special blend of rose, cardamom, and cinnamon to seduce Marc Anthony.

Ingredients and gadgets for aromatherapies can be found in a variety of retail operations; but while at the GSC, I cam across this unique item called “Spa Miser”. Simply fill the mister with bottled water add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and voilà, you created a sexually inviting atmosphere in the room; maybe even the entire home. There are many essential oils with known aphrodisiacal properties. I like Bergamot the best; its floral aroma can lift one’s emotions and enhances physical sensuality. But you can chose sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, geranium and more; they all can also be used in warm bath, added to massage cream/oil or sprayed on candles.

Let me know what you think about these gift ideas. Better yet, let me know what did you buy or planning to buy for your sweetheart and why. It would be nice to share these ideas among us, foodies, chocoholics, chocolate lovers, just Moms or Grannys, etc.

Note: Theresa Singleton, Ph.D.,  is a contributor in this post.

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