Rouge Passion by Richart’s Chocolates

Just as we cannot see celebrating Valentine’s Day without chocolates, it would be a sin not to seek out the best possible selection for your Valentine. We have reported previously about the products of top chocolatiers in the US ( (please see previous posts); and just by thinking about the tastes of these wonderful creations, I start to feel warm all over and cannot wait to open my box of surprise (or maybe not a surprise at all, since my Valentine knows my flair for the best). This is the holiday when you should not settle for anything less than the best. However, if you recall, I also said that selecting chocolates is a highly personal decision; what maybe the best for me it may not be your choice. So, please go ahead and read about all the top 10 chocolatiers we reviewed previously, because we conducted a very thorough tasting process and these artists were selected by consensus.

In the interim, however, I had a wonderful opportunity to taste the newest inventions of Richart, so I am going to add here a brief report about my feelings about these gems.

Richart’s Chocolates

If you want to lift your mood, if you want to indulge in life’s luxuries, if you wish to be in the mood – what you do? You grab a box of chocolate, the best you can find and do not stop until the box is empty. Chocolate is the embodiment of love, passion, and sexual desire. It is the absolute perfect gift for those we care about deeply; so I hope you will threat one another with one of these delights and create a weekend to remember for years to come.

Richart created a special box for Valentine’s Day, named perfectly as “Rouge Passion”. It composed of two chocolate bonbons with variations of a ganache based on passion fruit’s aromatic bouquet, the delightful refreshing taste of berries and the seductive power of salted butter caramel coulis. Michel Richart likes to develop new products designed with the pleasure in mind; it shows. Michel doesn’t only put a lot of passion into his work, but he transfers that excitement you feel when you are in love into his creations. When you place one of these bonbons into your mouth its an instant exhilaration combined with the pleasurable sensation of sexual arousal. Get this box for your Valentine, but enjoy it together.

The other two newer products that we tried called CHOCOMAC and WINTER JUBILEE. CHOCOMAC has 8 pieces developed with the idea to help you to get the most pleasure from tasting chocolates. It has the light crunchy feel of french macaroons, the smooth, silky feel of a perfect ganache and a wafer thin solid chocolate to exert a desirable strength for the connection of the multitude of experience. Richart even thought about to provide you a “pleasure guide” (he calls it the “Wheel of Pleasure) with these elegant creations, which certainly adds to the tasting experience. This “Wheel of Pleasure” is color coded to assist you in identifying and differentiating the aromas the chocolate exudes, the texture that corresponds to the feel in your mouth and the taste that actually drives your feeling of pleasure. Some of the chocolates contain multiple ingredients in high concentrations that are known aphrodisiacs (i.e. spices, coffee, etc.) so double your pleasure and indulge.

The Winter Jubilee contains seven dark chocolates with unique chocolate ganache fillings. The dark chocolates are from Venezuela and the ganache contains chocolates from Santo Domingo and Tahitian vanilla, of course. These beauties are not only an art work to look at, but contain a variety of ingredients with significant aphrodisiacal powers, like pineapple, cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, almonds, hazelnuts, coriander, and star anise. I left the last ingredients to be reported separately, because Richart correctly calls this chocolate a “FLAME”; it contains quinoa from Peru and sea salt from Guerande and of course the chocolate from Venezuela – one of these will not only ignite old intense loving feelings but create new ones with a flame that will never die.

Richart’s Chocolates


Richart’s Chocolates
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Please remember that you may not agree with our selections; therefore, we would like to hear from you. Actually, if enough of you would respond we could create a readers’ selection. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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